The Manufacturing, Processing, and Packaging industries in Alberta have the highest rate of Disabling Injuries (3.30 compared to the AB average of 2.71 – [2018 WCB Injury Statistics]).

The Disabling Injury and Lost Time Claims in this sector have been on the rise in the last few years.

The benefits of lowering injury rates are plentiful. Recent studies have shown that for each $1 invested in Occupational Health and Safety, $2-$6 are returned. (See WSPS Ontario article here.)

Improving health and safety in your workplace: 

  • improves morale, 
  • reduces absenteeism,
  • reduces presenteeism, 
  • reduces insurance costs, 
  • reduces turn-over (cost of hiring, on-boarding, training, etc.),
  • improves efficiency, and
  • helps reach compliance with regulators. 

Do you have all of the things you are obligated to have at your workplace?

Do you have records proving that you do the following?:

  • Ensure the Health & Safety of workers, those present on the work site, or in the vicinity;
  • Ensure workers are aware of the Legislation;
  • Ensure workers are not subject to (or participate in) harassment or violence at the work site;
  • Ensure workers are supervised by competent a person who is familiar with the Legislation;
  • Cooperate with the joint work site health and safety committee (JWSHSC);
  • Resolve Health & Safety concerns in a timely manner;
  • Provide names of supervisors to Prime Contractors; and
  • Have a current Health and Safety Program.

If you need a review of your safety system and some help bringing it up to speed, contact us – we can help.